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The Gooden School’s Faculty and Staff  show up each day to serve our students with a warm heart and thoughtful mind. All Gooden employees share a passion for building strong and personal relationships with each student and family. Teaching teams have created a culture that fosters a love for life 

Administrative Team

  Name Title
Phillip Dominguez Dominguez, Phillip Global Studies Teacher/Director of Equity and Inclusion
Sam Enriquez Enriquez, Sam Director, Facilities, Safety and Security
Emily Keezer Keezer, Emily Second-Grade Teacher/Director of Episcopal Identity
Laurie Tortell Tortell, Laurie Assistant Head of School
Bailey Tripp Tripp, Bailey Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Steven Vanderpool Vanderpool, Steven Senior Director – Advancement and Alumni Relations
Jo-Anne Woolner Woolner, Jo-Anne Head of School

K-2 Teaching Team

  Name Title
Patsy Flanagan Flanagan, Patsy Reading Specialist
Emily Keezer Keezer, Emily Second-Grade Teacher/Director of Episcopal Identity
Grace Mena Mena, Grace First-Grade Aide
Beth Miles Miles, Beth Second-Grade Aide
Meredith Paz Paz, Meredith Kindergarten Teacher/Director of Curriculum K-3
Aisling Valle Valle, Aisling First-Grade Teacher
Kristine Wiley Wiley, Kristine Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

3-5 Teaching team

  Name Title
Mimi Capra Capra, Mimi Fourth-Grade Teacher
Heather Castrone Castrone, Heather Fifth-Grade Teacher
Cynthia Chylinski Chylinski, Cynthia Third-Grade Aide
Terry Doub Doub, Terry Third-Grade Aide
Brittany Gonzalez Gonzalez, Brittany Third-Grade Teacher
Enriqueta Luippold Luippold, Enriqueta Fourth & Fifth Grade Aide

Middle School Teaching Team

  Name Title
Philip Adams Adams, Philip Middle School Math Teacher
Phillip Dominguez Dominguez, Phillip Global Studies Teacher/Director of Equity and Inclusion
Annie Hsu Hsu, Annie Middle School Math Teacher
Susan Jordan Jordan, Susan Middle School Student Support
David Kitch Kitch, David School Chaplain
Claire La Rue Kashinsky La Rue Kashinsky, Claire Middle School Science & STEAM Teacher
John Williamson Williamson, John Middle School English Teacher/Librarian

Student Support

  Name Title
Wendy Abajian Abajian, Wendy Director, Student Support Services
Marguery Lyvers Lyvers, Marguery School Psychologist

Co-Curricular Teaching Team

  Name Title
Lupe Corona-Knight Corona-Knight, Lupe Spanish Teacher
Tim Divers Divers, Tim Music Assistant
Nadya Ewen Ewen, Nadya Music Director
Erin Helbing Helbing, Erin Library Coordinator
Heather Kealey Kealey, Heather Art Teacher
Alka Kumar Kumar, Alka K-5 STEAM Teacher
Brian Osier Osier, Brian PE Teacher/Athletic Director
Robert Powers Powers, Robert Latin Teacher
Amanda Rogers Rogers, Amanda Drama Teacher

After School Team

  Name Title
Kareen Bosnoian Bosnoian, Kareen After-School Care
Cristian Dominguez Dominguez, Cristian After-School Care
Isabella Dominguez Dominguez, Isabella After School Director
Olivia Tortell Tortell, Olivia After-School Care

Gooden Staff

  Name Title
Alicia Aguayo Aguayo, Alicia Facility Custodian
Jose Aguayo Aguayo, Jose Facility Custodian
Anne Marie DeSimone DeSimone, Anne Marie Office Manager/Registrar
David Loyola Loyola, David Finance Manager
Leslie Miller Miller, Leslie School Chef
Timothy Ruiz Ruiz, Timothy Director of Technology