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The overall goal of the program for kindergarten through fifth grade is to provide each child with a variety of learning experiences guided by enthusiastic teachers who recognize that children grow in unique and varying ways. We believe that intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth, cultural appreciation, and social and physical development are enhanced in a nurturing atmosphere that provides attention to the student as an individual.


We pay attention to the small details that set our students apart and maintain a safe environment enabling children to feel comfortable about learning from their mistakes. We offer a dynamic and engaging curriculum designed to inspire each child’s innate curiosity, to prepare our students to make significant contributions, and to enable them to think critically and act compassionately.


Teachers use whole-class instruction, small-group lessons, and individual instruction. Our school motto is “Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the World,” also known as “The 3Rs.” This simple creed guides our students, faculty, and staff throughout our daily lives at Gooden. Students learn the important role that respect plays in our relationships with others and in all of our activities at school.