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Mission Statement

The Gooden School inspires students to be intellectually curious and resilient while preparing them to lead lives of kindness, integrity, and respect.


The Gooden School has a long tradition of delivering an education that not only prepares students for life beyond middle school, but also recognizes that these years are precious and should be enjoyable, memorable, and transformative.

Learning at Gooden is a journey of adventure and discovery. From kindergarten through eighth grade, our students benefit from a purposeful curriculum within which they learn to read music and play instruments, engage in the Gooden art and STEAM programs, study Latin and Spanish, and participate in community engagement projects. They build self-confidence, develop resilience, and discover their individual voices.

Every day our students are challenged and encouraged by their teachers so that they understand how academic and creative challenges lead them to achieve their personal best. Through a broad and rich curriculum, Gooden students are encouraged to discover and celebrate their unique talents, whether these are academic, athletic, artistic, or in leadership.  

Gooden is a welcoming and inclusive community, underpinned by Episcopal philosophy. We model a culture of mutual respect, emphasized in our motto “Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the World.” 

Our students, in all their diversity, are appreciated for who they are and who they want to be.  


Bishop Gooden with students

Founded in 1975

The Gooden School was established to provide students with the skills, confidence, and worldview to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Small by design, The Gooden School offered children in the Sierra Madre area a rare and wonderful experience. The school was, and remains, a close-knit community where students are challenged and encouraged in an environment of inquiry and respect. Faculty members continue to build close relationships with students and maintain effective partnerships with parents.

The Gooden School is named in honor of The Right Reverend Robert Gooden, Bishop Suffragan of the Los Angeles Diocese from 1930-1947. Bishop Gooden was committed to the idea that all children deserve a quality education, and he fervently believed that the unique nature of every individual should be known and developed.