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Learning in the Middle School, which includes sixth through eighth grade, has students moving from classroom to classroom, interacting with multiple teachers who are passionate about their unique subject areas. Students are challenged to think, question, express and create, and to transform their ideas into action. Learning is experiential, hands-on, active and collaborative; it encourages leadership, cooperation, and service; and our student-centered approach recognizes learners as individuals.


The Gooden School’s 3Rs guide Middle School interactions and students develop responsibility, kindness, integrity and the courage to act. Students learn to value diversity and to acknowledge other points of view and respond in an open-minded way.


When our Middle School students move on to their respective high schools, they are not only recognized for their academic work, they are praised for their mature emotional intelligence. Our students are organized, articulate, and they advocate for themselves - exactly the skills they need to have to navigate the high school years and beyond.