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Every student writer has a voice, and it is our goal to inspire our students and guide them to use and strengthen their respective voices so that they can communicate effectively and grow as readers, writers, and wordsmiths. In middle school english, our students strengthen their understanding and use of grammar, build their reading and vocabulary skills, and become more empathetic and engaged in the world around them. Each year, students explore a theme that is reflected in our core fiction and nonfiction texts. The sixth grade theme is growing up, the seventh grade theme is belonging, and the eighth grade theme is facing injustice. This is a program that empowers our students to be their best selves and to be prepared for high school annotations, MLA formatting, becoming more organized, and using language with greater precision.


The Gooden School’s middle school mathematics program has been carefully designed to offer rich and rigorous preparation in the field of mathematics, challenging each student at a level that is appropriate to their development. We achieve this by placing all middle school students into one of two mathematics pathways. The curriculum at each grade level includes both grade level and accelerated courses. The grade level course consists of a solid and rigorous mathematical curriculum that meets all standards for the grade level. The accelerated course, which moves through the curriculum at a more rapid pace, has a heavier workload and provides content at a more challenging level.


In middle school science, we continue to use the scientific method to study the world around them and beyond. Students are encouraged to question, research, hypothesize, experiment, analyze and share their findings. With a student- centered approach, we work together to discover how things work, and why things happen. Experiments, models, projects and investigations allow students a wide variety of learning experiences, that ignite the spark of excitement that science can bring. Sixth-grade students study Earth and space science. Seventh grade students study life science. Eighth grade students focus on physical science.



In global studies, students examine the world around them. Students not only study history but also how to integrate themselves into their local communities and the world. The sixth-grade curriculum focuses on early civilizations.  As students move into seventh-grade, they learn about world civilizations. In eighth-grade students explore United States history and government. The middle school global studies curriculum also includes speech and debate. Students learn to think critically and speak confidently about the subject being presented or debated. Students engage in mock trials, Model UN, and weekly discussions about current events. At The Gooden School students become globally-competent citizens.