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  Name Title Group Contact
Wendy Abajian Abajian, Wendy Learning Support Specialist 626-355-2410
Philip Adams Adams, Philip Middle School Math Teacher 626-355-2410
Alicia Aguayo Aguayo, Alicia Facility Custodian 626-355-2410
Jose Aguayo Aguayo, Jose Facility Custodian 626-355-2410
Julia Boberg Boberg, Julia
Susan Bradforth Bradforth, Susan Director of Marketing and Communications 626-355-2410
Samuel Christopher Christopher, Samuel Math Specialist 626-355-2410
Cynthia Chylinski Chylinski, Cynthia Interim STEAM Teacher 626-355-2410
Lupe Corona Corona, Lupe Remote Second-Grade Teacher/Spanish Teacher 626-355-2410 x38
Sean Dale Dale, Sean PE Teacher/Athletic Director 626-355-2410
Melanie Davis Davis, Melanie Fourth-Grade Teacher/Curriculum Director/Upper Elementary Division Director 3-5 Division Director 626-355-2410 x19
Isabella Dominguez Dominguez, Isabella Lower School Aide 626-355-2410 x33
Phillip Dominguez Dominguez, Phillip Global Studies Teacher/Director of Equity and Inclusion 626-355-2410 x34
Samantha Dominguez Dominguez, Samantha First-Grade Teacher/Art Director Art Director 626-355-2410 x26
Sam Enriquez Enriquez, Sam Facilities and Safety Manager 626-355-2410 x33
Nadya Ewen Ewen, Nadya Music Director 626-355-2410 x13
Jaclyn Fujii Fujii, Jaclyn Remote First-Grade Teacher K-2 Remote Teaching 626-355-2410
Stephanie Hardin Hardin, Stephanie Lower School Aide 626-355-2410 x16
Erin Helbing Helbing, Erin Library Coordinator 626-355-2410
Emily Horn Horn, Emily Fifth Grade Teacher 626-355-2410 x22
Annie Hsu Hsu, Annie Middle School Math Teacher 626-355-2410
Susan Jordan Jordan, Susan Remote Kindergarten Teacher 626-355-2410
Heather Kealey Kealey, Heather Art Teacher 626-355-2410
Emily Keezer Keezer, Emily Second-Grade Teacher 626-355-2410
Juaneeq Kim Kim, Juaneeq Third-Grade Teacher 626-355-2410 x16
David Kitch Kitch, David School Chaplain 626-355-2410
Julia Kraemer Kraemer, Julia Middle School Math Teacher 626-355-2410 x31
David Loyola Loyola, David After-School Care 626-355-2410 x33
Enriqueta Luippold Luippold, Enriqueta Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Marguery Lyvers Lyvers, Marguery School Psychologist 626-355-2410
Noelle Martinez Martinez, Noelle Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Brian Mathess Mathess, Brian Director of Finance and Operations 626-355-2410 x12
Abby Miles Miles, Abby Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Leslie Miller Miller, Leslie School Chef 626-355-2410
Brian Osier Osier, Brian Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Gabriel Paz Paz, Gabriel Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Meredith Paz Paz, Meredith Kindergarten Teacher/Lower Elementary Division Director K-2 Division Director 626-355-2410 x15
Robert Powers Powers, Robert Latin Teacher 626-355-2410 x27
Amanda Rogers Rogers, Amanda Drama Teacher 626-355-2410
Timothy Ruiz Ruiz, Timothy Director of Technology 626-355-2410 x36
Summer School School, Summer
Daria Storey Storey, Daria Reading Specialist 626-355-2410
Cole Tortell Tortell, Cole Lower School Aide 626-355-2410
Laurie Tortell Tortell, Laurie Middle School Director/Dean of Students 6-8 Division Director 626-355-2410 x28
Kristine Wiley Wiley, Kristine Kindergarten Assistant Teacher 626-355-2410
Nathaniel Wiley Wiley, Nathaniel Lower School Aide 626-355-2410 x33
John Williamson Williamson, John Middle School English Teacher/Librarian 626-355-2410 x25
Jo-Anne Woolner Woolner, Jo-Anne Head of School 3-5 Division Director, 6-8 Division Director, K-2 Division Director 626-355-2410 x11
Tricia Xavier Xavier, Tricia Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management 626-355-2410 x23