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Students Place at Elk's Essay Four of Gooden’s students won prizes in the Elk's Americanism Essay Contest! Congratulations to our Middle School students! Two student...
Gooden students Win MLK Essay Splendid writing comes from a willingness to choose words carefully, to be intentional with them, and to be patient as an editor. Gooden is known for ...

Music and the Arts Lead to Creative and Balanced Children

July 14 2020

When I was in eighth grade, I belonged to the Columbia Record Club and once a month I would receive a chosen record by mail. It was an exciting thing for me back in 1965 at the age of 13. My big connection with music back then, besides listening to The Beatles and The Doors, was show music. I remember ordering West Side Story and South Pacific from my record club and listening to them in my bedroom over and over again. I knew every word of every song and would stand on the bed and dramatically act and sing each part with passion.

Music was such an important part [...]

Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the World

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