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The Gooden School is committed to providing direct and indirect support to students who exhibit difficulties with academic learning and/or performance. We collaborate with parents, teachers, and students to develop appropriate instructional strategies, as well as to offer referrals for additional support which might include: private tutoring, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and psychoeducational testing.


Additionally, we hope to help to identify students who are at risk for developing difficulties and provide recommendations and ongoing monitoring. For students with a documented disability or qualifying condition, a Student Support Plan is developed based on a professional evaluation and is used to provide faculty with information about a student's learning and recommended accommodations. Students with a diagnosed learning difference are required to have a current psychological evaluation (within three years) on file at school.


The Gooden School can provide the following accommodations, as supported by a current psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation.


 - Extended time

 - Strategic seating

 - Ability to take tests/quizzes in a quieter location

 - Assistance with note taking

 - Use of assistive technology and bypass tools such as a calculator, laptop or iPad, audiobooks, etc.

 - No penalty for spelling errors