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Our goal has always been to welcome our students and faculty to campus when state and local mandates allow us to safely offer in-person learning. New safety requirements, announced Friday, July 17, mandate that schools located in counties on the California state Monitoring List may not reopen to in-person instruction until their county meets certain criteria set forth by the state. Los Angeles County is currently on the state’s monitoring list. The reopening criteria include the county being removed from the state’s monitoring list for 14 consecutive days as well as the school implementing strict safety mandates. At this time, it seems highly unlikely that Los Angeles County will come off the monitoring list in time for us to consider our planned and hoped reopening to in-person instruction in late August.  
It was also announced by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health on July 22 that schools may apply for a waiver to allow in-person instruction for kindergarten through sixth grade. We do not have enough information at this time to determine if Gooden is eligible for such a waiver, but we will continue to investigate this possibility and will inform our community as we proceed. 
When schools were ordered to close in March, our exceptional faculty pivoted quickly to distance learning with the use of the technology tools at their disposal. Within five days of school closures, Gooden’s distance learning protocol was envisioned, planned, and implemented. We are fortunate to have these talented teachers with us through the summer working through and enacting plans for both in-person, distance, and hybrid learning for our students. 
We have learned much from dialogue with parents, each other, colleagues at other schools in the Los Angeles area and around the world. We not only have the technology available to our teachers, we are able to offer a device to every student who needs one for distance learning. 
We also continue to plan and prepare for our return to campus. Establishing class cohorts, practicing physical distancing, enhanced disinfection, monitoring the health of our students and faculty, as well wearing personal protective equipment will all play a part in keeping our campus community safe and healthy. 
Most importantly, beyond the technology needed and the health measures mandated, Gooden is, and will continue to be, a small school environment. Small classes, large classrooms, ample outdoor learning spaces, the ability to set our priorities based on the needs of our students, and a generous and supportive community, allow us to be agile as we move forward together. 
Since Gooden’s inception, the 3Rs - respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the world, have guided everything that we do. As we get ready for learning this fall, we again turn to these guiding principles. 

Our goal is for every teacher to provide a safe and loving classroom environment, whether we are practicing distance or in-person learning. 
We continue to connect with families interested in exploring what The Gooden School has to offer.

We have streamlined our application process with modifications, including no longer requiring outside testing (KSP for kindergarten and ISEE for grades 6-8). If you would like to register for a fall visit, ask general questions, request a more detailed virtual tour, and/or to connect with our admissions office, please fill out an inquiry form and create an online account. 
We can't wait to show you what a Gooden education is all about!


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