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Advisory in middle school provides a safe environment for students to build meaningful relationships with an adult advocate and with each other. As the foundation of our Middle School culture, advisory groups meet about twice a month and support learning by developing character and confidence, celebrating individuality, and fostering growth in our community.


Advisors create a safe, caring and trusting environment and are available to advisees as a source of information and support. Advisors implement grade-level specific advisory program themes. They are informed of important social, academic, and discipline issues, and facilitate communication with all parties involved. They communicate with parents to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship centered on the needs of their child, and they communicate with colleagues who may further support the advisee to determine appropriate in-school and outside referrals (counseling, Gooden student support team, tutoring, etc.)


Advisors also consult as necessary with colleagues to maintain an up-to-date, in-depth perspective on advisee’s status, growth, or issues, and they inform advisee’s teachers of any relevant concerns.