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Our Mission

The Gooden School’s mission is to provide a firm educational foundation, using both traditional and progressive approaches. Our nurturing community allows students opportunities to grow in body, mind, and spirit, to gain confidence, and to discover their unique gifts. We value diversity and promote character development and responsibility within a framework of Episcopal values. We foster a lifelong commitment to learning, to compassion, and to service by emphasizing. . .
Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the World 

Our Core Values 

Our school motto is “Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the World,” also known as “The 3Rs.” This simple creed guides our students, faculty, and staff throughout our daily lives at Gooden. Students learn the important role that respect plays in our relationships with others and in all of our activities at school.
The Gooden School believes all students possess gifts that are manifested in many ways throughout their years at our school. These gifts may be discovered or enhanced through academic excellence, athletic endeavors, as well as musical, artistic, or dramatic ability. It is a primary objective of faculty and staff to provide avenues that will allow all students to discover their gifts - those personal traits that make each member of our school community unique.  We provide a learning environment that is varied and creative, involves all students, and invites them to actively question, experiment and participate in all avenues of school life.
We understand that students will, on occasion, make mistakes or poor choices, and we teach them to learn from these and move on with the day.  As educators, we strive to teach students to take responsibility for their decisions and the choices they make. Students at Gooden know they are in a safe place and that they can count on the guidance of their teachers to help them make good choices as they build independence and strong character.

California Assembly Bill 500

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 500, please click here to view an excerpt from The Gooden School’s Employee Handbook regarding interactions with students.